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Being back here is great and all but…

I am so ready to graduate and move on.  Italy taught me so much about myself and gave me so much perspective I could never have imagined. I definitely missed my friends while there, and it’s great to see them again here. I’m so done with school but glad I have the chance to enjoy my last year before going on to the “real world.” But really I just want to start working to make money to travel again.

I literally cannot stand being here. Every time I’ve gone to Europe I’ve felt that pull of having to go back. First time I went ot Italy, when I was 10,  I wanted to move to Italy. As a 10-year old I didn’t really know what that meant. Then the next time was a taste of the “real” Italy- seeing it as an adult- an actual country, not just a fantasyland with beautiful buildings and tons of pasta and pizza and hot Italian guys who dress well and have sexy accents that people think it is. (All of which is true… but…) This time in Italy was like my trial run, to see if I could actually live there, blend in with the culture, live a functional life in which I am productive, speak the language, and feel as if I am a part of the society, not a tourist or traveler or outsider. And I did.  I just want to make the move for certain this time. I love Italy, but if I could live in another country I would be cool with that too. It’s so easy to travel between countries so I could still go back. I know it’ll take time to find a good job that pays well and would sponsor me but god damn it I WILL do it. I am determined.  If I apply for Italian citizenship that would solve so many problems. A lot of people say they want to move abroad after studying abroad, but it’s just another way of saying “I wish I could go back” or “I really had an amazing time.” But I actually mean it. 

Granted I’ve always been very independent and I’ve learned how to disattatch myself from almost anyone or anything. It’s not like I’d never see my friends or family again- There’s facetime, plus they could come visit me, and I’d have more than enough vacation time to go home at least once a year(lots of vacation time- perks of living in Europe!).  People come and go in your life, the majority included, but those who are truly important will stay. No matter what.

I know that I’m super fortunate to have had these experiences and I almost feel selfish, naive and immature to want to leave this all behind to move abroad.  I know I’ve had great opportunities and experiences afforded to me, and I almost feel stupid wanting to move back to Europe when my family immigrated here less than 60 years ago for a better life.  But it’s not like I couldn’t ever come back.  I wouldn’t accept anything without carefully considering all aspects of the situation, but should I find something that works out, I will take it. I know Europe’s economy isn’t super hot right now, especially Italy. I have the rest of my life to work and be boring. I want a life with the excitement and relaxed pace of life that Europe has. Everyone is just so relaxed- enjoying life, food, wine, and friends.   I also have a personal vendetta to re-visit all of the places I went and take pictures to replace the ones that were on my ipod that those fucktard pieces of shit stole from me. 

If I don’t move to Europe, I have no plans to stay where I am now. I learned I am a city guy- I will definitely be traveling around to see where I fit in best. Places to check out include:  Chicago, San Fran, Boston, Denver, Seattle. I will travel everywhere just for the sake of traveling.  When I was in Brussels, I went to a 1930s-style jazz bar and the (really hot hungarian) bartender gave me a free beer. Not because he wanted me( sad face) but because he said I should keep traveling.  And it occurred to me that traveling, meeting new people, seeing new cultures, is literally the best thing in the world, and something I am determined to continue. 

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it’s raining but it’s not men so what’s the point

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what do you call a snobbish criminal going down the stairs?

I don’t know. What?

a condescending con descending.

get out

That was beautiful


It ain’t gonna suck itself


It ain’t gonna suck itself


why want the d when you can have the p


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mom: what did you get me for mother’s day